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Multiple Ebay accounts


Jumble Saler supports multiple Ebay accounts.  Most people will have just one, but if you are trying to build a business or a second source of income by buying and selling on Ebay, you might decide you want to have one for the stuff you are selling and a personal one as well.  You may also have people in your home with different accounts.


Linking multiple Ebay accounts to Jumble Saler


This is easy.  Click on the 'Ebay accounts' link on the main menu, and then click on 'Ebay account maintenance'.  Use the Add button and follow the prompts for each of your Ebay accounts.


Using multiple Ebay accounts


When you have multiple accounts, they are listed in in the Ebay account bit at the top left of the screen:



With multiple accounts, you have an ALL option to display all account listings when on the Ebay auctions table, or you can select just a specific account.


If you come to publish your new auction lots to Ebay, then you will be asked to select an Ebay account first.


Making multiple Ebay accounts easier - Using different browsers for different Ebay accounts


See Using different browsers for different Ebay accounts


Moving Ebay actions from one Ebay account to another


Yes, you can do this with Jumble Saler.  Please see Moving Ebay auctions from one account to another.


Building up feedback on your accounts

If you set up a new Ebay account to sell items you are buying and selling for a second income, then your new account with start with 0 feedback, which is not going to give potential buyers confidence in you.  The easiest way to start building up feedback is to buy stuff with that account.  So, if you need envelopes to post your stuff, sellotape or packing tape, bubble wrap, then buy these from other Ebay sellers.  Also buy small low cost items at a 1 each.  In a lot of cases, it can actually be cheaper to buy from Ebay than locally.  For example, we purchased a large black piece of felt in order to do background images.  It was actually cheaper to buy from an Ebay seller than in a local fabric store.