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Jumble Saler file locations

The default file location for all Jumble Saler files is the currently logged in Windows user documents folder:

File locations

in a subfolder called 'JumbleSaler':


jumblesaler folder


There are 5 sub folders:


data - This is where the database for Jumber Saler is stored.


This location cannot be changed.

The other 4 folders are where Jumble Saler stores new and existing auction pictures.  These folders can be moved to another location if required.  For example, when you have two hard drives in your computer and you c:\ is full.  The picture folders are:


EbayPictureCache - When you connect Jumble Saler to one or more of you Ebay accounts and collect your current Ebay listings, then Jumble Saler downloads all the pictures for your auctions to the EbayPictureCache folder.  You then have the option of copying existing auctions to new stock items and the pictures are already available to do this.


NewPicturesToProcess -  See the Jumble Saler picture system for information on how Jumber Saler helps you to create Ebay auctions faster.  The NewPicturesToProcess folder is where you copy your photos of new items to sell on Ebay from your digital camera to your computer so that Jumble Saler knows where to collect the pictures from.


StockPictures - When you create a new auction in Jumble Saler, then this is where the pictures for the new auctions, or your 'stock' pictures are located.


Changing the default file locations


You can also change the default file locations by clicking on 'File' then 'Settings' and using the 'Paths' tab.  If you change the picture file locations, you will need to manually move any existing pictures to your new locations.